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2 releases per year

There are two releases per year: January 31st and July 31st.


Audited code

The code is released under the Non-Profit Open Software License (“Non-Profit OSL”) 3.0 which allows you to audit the code.

Digitally signed

Our binaries are digitally signed to ensure the origin of the files and their integrity.

Download Ping Castle

With the default license, the binary program can be run for free, as long as you do not derive any revenue from it. For example, any for-profit organization can use it to audit their own systems.

To include PingCastle in a commercial package or  service, a specific license must be purchased. Check our services for more information.

The program is allowed to run only during its support date. Support can be extended by purchasing additional support. End of support for PingCastle 2025-01-31

Change log

Source code

The source code program is licensed to the Non-Profit Open Software License (“Non-Profit OSL”) 3.0. Contact us if you want a part of the source code be released using a different license.

How to get notified when a new release is available ?

We do not rely on a process that collects email.
Instead, you should:

Older versions

PingCastle (Release date: 2023-08-28 – End of support: 2025-01-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2023-05-31 – End of support: 2024-07-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2022-09-02 – End of support: 2024-01-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2021-08-06 – End of support: 2023-07-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2021-02-15 – End of support: 2022-12-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2020-08-06 – End of support: 2022-06-30)

PingCastle (Release date: 2020-01-31 – End of support: 2021-12-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2019-09-12 – End of support: 2021-07-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2019-01-31 – End of support: 2020-12-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2018-07-31 – End of support: 2020-07-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2018-01-19 – End of support: 2019-12-31)

PingCastle (Release date: 2017-05-14 – End of support: 2019-07-31)

PingCastle (release date: 2017-05-14 – end of support: 2019-07-31)

PingCastle (release date: 2017-04-09 – end of support: 2019-07-31)

PingCastle (release date: 2017-01-26 – end of support: 2018-12-31)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer the most frequently asked questions about PingCastle binaries and source code.

I have a problem. What should I do?

If you have a problem, you should try again. Sometimes there is a connectivity problem. If it happen again, collect logs by running –log with eventually in addition –interactive. Then contact our support. Please note that the free support is limited.

What does the date “end of support” mean?

Having 2 major releases per year means a lot of versions to support. And this represents a significant effort if we do not set a strong policy about it. When the end of support is reached, the software stops running and suggest to use the latest version. Only customer that have purchased a license can continue to use an older version.

Does PingCastle raise antivirus alerts?

PingCastle by itself is a security tool and some antivirus policies block security tools. PingCastle is a two edged sword like any security tool. The scanner function which checks many workstations at the same time can raise alerts due to the large number of opened connections. The MS17-010 scanner should raise antivirus alerts. It is as consequence an efficient tool to test a SOC.

You discover a specific check that is missing. Can you add it?

Our golden rule is to add only unprivileged checks. If it can be verified without domain admin rights, we will be happy to look into it. But if it is not the case,  we can sometimes work around it. If this is not possible, we will not be able to add this check.

Your source code is great. Can I copy the code?

Technically the code is licensed under a non profit license. This means you can do anything you want as long as you do not financially benefit from it. If you find a limited function that you want to market or that you want to include it into another open source project, we can sub license it under GPL as we have done for several components.

Why not an unlimited Open Source license?

PingCastle is a product of expensive research and the founders of the company have had undesirable experiences with open source when dealing with commercial services. We are ready and willing to share (the download is free), but we need to have protection of our intellectual property.